So—What Is Clinical Testing Anyway?

So—What Is Clinical Testing Anyway?

By NovaHue

Clinical testing—it’s one of those phrases that’s bandied about a lot in the health and supplement industry. But what does it actually mean? What are these tests and who is performing them?

Unfortunately, the phrase is vague enough to mask a not-so-great truth: industry testing standards are low. For example, in the world of supplements, a good deal of clinical research will be performed by the producer of a particular ingredient. They’ll draw up a number of supporting materials and come to some interesting findings based on the ingredient at hand which is all well and good if you’re only concerned with the one. But you usually aren’t.

When a number of different ingredients are combined, their individual properties and potency are affected. However, that data may never be reported or even discovered. Often, the only information shared with consumers is nothing more than a patchwork of conclusions based on a few separate ingredient-only tests. The finished product itself is rarely tested.

When we make carotenoid-based supplements designed to address specific concerns, we know that this cursory process just doesn’t cut it. We approach testing in the same way we approach our proprietary phytonutrient blends: with utmost care and an eye for precision. Every ingredient and eventually the finished supplements themselves go through an exhaustive four-part testing process.

It begins with a selection of potential ingredients and comprehensive cell culture analyses that could last anywhere from six to twelve months. During this time, NovaHue’s team looks for a particularly interesting (and ultimately effective) blend of phytonutrients. Once that mix is uncovered, it is registered before going through a series of pre-clinical (more complex cell cultures) and clinical (human subject) trials. If the blend passes with flying colors, the supplement is created and then sent through the same rigorous testing process before arriving on shelves.

Moreover, the actual efficacy of the blend is measured using discrete biomarkers in real human subjects. Because at the end of the day all that super-detailed testing means nothing if the product doesn’t work. And NovaHue is just as committed to results you can see and feel as they are to naturally potent ingredients.

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– The Novahue Team