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  • Promotes overall prostate health and comfort*
  • Fosters healthy prostate cell growth*

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Clinical Studies

Prostate Health And Comfort Studies

Chronic inflammation is believed to support the process of
fibro-muscular growth in BPH.

Inflammation has been associated with significantly larger prostates, higher PSA levels, and a greater risk of acute urinary retention. The following study demonstrates the beneficial effects of NovaHue’s natural tomato extract.

Supplementation decreases PSA concentration.

Clinical Study Prostate Chart

The benefit of NovaHue’s patented tomato extract on PSA levels and prostate gland enlargement:

A six-month double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study on men with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) measured PSA levels (a baseline marker for determining the risk of prostaterelated conditions) and prostate gland size. Over the course of six months, men taking a lycopene supplement experienced a reduction in prostate gland size.

Ingredient Studies

The effects of our proprietary standardized tomato extract and omega-3 on modulating prostate gene expression:2

A double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled study tested the supplementation of tomato extract and omega-3s on gene expression.
Results found that the ingredients modulated two regulatory pathways:

  • Nrf2 pathway which inhibits ROS and other DNA damaging agents
  • Androgen metabolism pathway

How lycopene extract and vitamin E inhibit cell and prostate growth:

An in-vitro study using a combination of lycopene and vitamin E showed that the combination inhibited Pca cell proliferation.3

An animal study combining lycopene and vitamin E showed that the combination suppressed orthotopic growth of prostate
tumors by 73%.4

How lycopene and curcumin in combination benefit ARE/Nrf2 activation (a marker for prostate health):5

A recent study demonstrated synergistic activity when curcumin is combined with our proprietary tomato extract found in
NovaHue Prostate. Together, these ingredients resulted in higher activation of ARE reporter activity and Nrf2 gene transcription activity, a marker for prostate health.

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