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Complete health begins with balance. It isn’t simply about comprehensive, thoughtful nutrition or regular physical activity and an awareness of the body.
It is a perfect blend of all of these things – an understanding that no single ingredient or component is greater than the rest. They work together, harmoniously, resulting in a state of wellness you can see, feel, and measure.

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How Do We Do It

Curated blends of
carotenoids that target
common health concerns.

These carotenoids act as
powerful antioxidants,
amplified by the unique
combination of ingredients.

Clinically tested and
proven results

Daily Nutrition

Tailor-Made for Everyone
Our unique
scientific method
Before we bring anything to market, we ask a lot of tough questions and put everything to the test so that we can fully stand behind our offerings and you can be confident when recommending them to your patients.
The Garden is
our inspiration
At NovaHue, we believe in the power of natural nutrition. That’s why we harvest our non-GMO ingredients straight from the earth.

Our Products


NovaHue Cardio


Formulated using our standardized tomato extract, NovaHue Cardio doesn’t just encourage overall heart health. It also helps maintain normal blood pressure, supports the circulatory system, and reduces oxidized LDL levels.

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NovaHue Prostate


Created using an exclusive blend of standardized tomato extract, curcumin, zinc, and Omega-3s, NovaHue Prostate supports overall prostate health and comfort while also helping to maintain zinc levels in prostate tissue.

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NovaHue Menopause


The custom blend of tomato-derived lycopene, genistein, and Vitamin D found in NovaHue Menopause supports bone health while easing common menopausal symptoms. It’s also formulated to support normal estrogenic activity and vasomotor function and contains no soy.

This product will not be available to ship until 7/1/2018

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NovaHue Skin


Discover how our blend of tomato-derived carotenoids and rosemary-sourced carnosic acid can positively impact skin health.
This product will not be available to ship until 7/1/2018

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NovaHue Vision


Find out how our patent-protected, clinically-tested supplement helps support overall eye health for patients over forty.

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Growing By
Giving Back






We fully believe in the power of collaboration. After all, our ingredient blends are chosen for their combined power and effectiveness. Similarly, we know that the scientific community is strengthened when we share our resources and savvy. This is why we donate hundreds of thousands of dollars in raw materials and research to various academic institutions globally and contribute funds to a number of important clinical tests each year. You never know what might come of working together, but it’s safe to say the results are always amazing. And innovative.

The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.